Yoga builds core strength, self-awareness, self-esteem, and provides kids the chance to play and be social in a mindful and compassionate way (towards themselves and others). Kids today are more stressed and overstimulated than ever before and yoga offers practical tools they can use to manage their emotions and calm their bodies and minds. In addition to developing coordination, strength, and flexibility, yoga helps kids learn how to focus their energy and their attention improving their ability to learn and enjoy themselves in school and out of school.

Our yoga practice focuses on how to respect ourselves and each other as we release excess energy through creative yoga games and traditional postures and breathing exercises appropriate to each age group. Kids of all ages appreciate relaxation time, especially after a long day at school where performance pressure, competition, and social stress can take its toll. We work together to try new things, challenge ourselves mentally and physically, and learn how to make space for everybody in class.

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