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If you register for all 6 to 8 weeks of camp for the full week (monday to friday) and for the full day (8am - 5pm),  you will receive a 5% discount off the total balance. There is also a 5% sibling discount. This discount applies to registrations received until April 15th only. Discounts are applied to the tuition only not to the trip fees or after care fees.

Super Kickers offer fun, healthy and engaging activities year-round in New York for kids ages 18 months to 12 years old

Soccer Class

Advanced Soccer

Dance Class

Gymnastics Class

After School 2018/2019

Give your toddler or child a free class trial

The first class is a free trial, this give your child the opportunity to experience our classes. See first-hand how your child likes the class and most importantly experience our coaches, our philosophy and the benefits.

Celebrate your child's birthday party with us and do not worry about anything

Hassle-free for parents. Simply select the date, and secure with a deposit, the rest is up to us!

Super Kickers Birthday Party Ballons

Super Kickers is all about fun

Super Kickers is a non-competitive environment where your child will have fun, learn and build self esteem.

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What our customers are saying

My daughter always has a great time at the after-school program. They do so many different activities, and the counselors are always cheerful, engaged, and caring.


We had signed up our 9 year old and she loved it. We then had to sign up our 3 year old because her sister could not stop talking about her super fun summer camp! I don’t think we have any other option but Superkickers this year for both and we couldn’t be happier knowing how safe, fun and exciting this place is! We live Superkickers!


My son participate in superkickers classes and camp for two years, and he totally loved it. We don’t go anymore because we moved and we really miss it. It was hard to find a class that has so many options, flexibility and that is as fun as superkickers.