Flex-pass is perfect for families that have not enrolled their kids in a summer camp, and still want’s to keep the kids active during the Summer.

Summer drop-in Soccer class

Flexible schedule allows parents to go to class whenever they feel like it.

How flex-pass works

Buy a number of passes and use it as you go. You can drop in to any class in your child’s age group. The pass is only valid in the same location.
Flex-Pass available: 5,10,15,20, 30 and Unlimited.

Locations for Flex-pass

Central Park East (Scheduled class please call), Astoria Park, Juniper Valley Park, Ps69.


Monday-Friday (Central Park, Juniper Valley and Astoria Park)
Saturday (PS69, Astoria Park) Sunday (juniper Valley)

2-3 years – 9:00-9:40
3-4 years old 9:45-10:30
4-5 years old 10:35-11:25
5-7 years old 11:30-12:30
8-12 years old 12:30-1:30


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